Five Miles of Ellum Wood

Here is a selection of twenty-two rare and beautiful fiddle solos from another age. Bruce learned to play these tunes from some of the last living fiddlers of Kentucky, whose music had been passed down from the 1800’s when the playing of unaccompanied fiddle tunes was still a common practice.

Tune List

Five Miles of Ellum Wood - Kiss me Quick, My Papa’s A’Coming - Young Edward - Fontaine’s Ferry - The Banks of the Arkansas - The Last of Sizemore - Jack’s Creek Ridge - The Big Mule - Old Christmas - The Kentucky Winder - Squire Campbell - Old Joe Williams - The Brush Fork of John’s Creek - Trouble On the Mind - Across the Plains - Viney Lusk - Going Across the Sea - The Wild Goose Chase - The Old Blue Bonnet - Old Time Brickyard Joe - Betty Baker - Old Bob